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Data-Informed decisions 

Discover the potential of data to make informed decisions and achieve your business objectives.

Take your marketing campaigns and your organization's decisions to the next level using the potential of data.

Our team of experts will help your company to integrate data from various sources, analyze it and discover insights using the most modern data science techniques, and design and develop modern information and intelligence products that allow decision-making and actions to be determined.

Integration and analysis of audience, content and campaign data to reveal insights and define actions to improve and  achieve the objectives of your campaigns.

Use data in the decisions and operations of the company in a systematic and governed manner; we have experience in diagnosing, designing, and implementing data adoption practices plans, data engineering, data analytics, and developing data products.

Use the power of data from open and digital sources: social media, portals, blogs, Google APIs, data from Inegi, INE and other government sources to better inform decision-making.

Pioneers and leaders in open-source data acquisition and analysis

Sinnia was founded in 2011 to integrate and analyze the growing volume of open-source data, mainly social media, to offer our clients competitive advantages. We have processed and integrated millions of data records, which today comprise Mexico's most extensive open-source database.

Today, we help our clients integrate their data, open and third-party data, into modern cloud data structures by combining data science processes, artificial intelligence, large language models and designing the data products that will help them realize the potential of the data.

We are a group of mathematicians, engineers and data scientists who, collaborating with marketers, communicators and political scientists, work with our clients to achieve objectives, obtain competitive advantages and make decisions based on data and evidence.


Miguel de Cervntes Saavedra 169 - 15

CDMX, 11520

+52 55 6390 5516

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