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Transformar datos en inteligencia

We are a boutique data science consultancy founded in 2010 when the term “data science” began to be used. We pioneered using enormous amounts of open-source data to measure actions and opinions and identify audiences.

Our mission

  • Transform data and information into actionable knowledge for decision-making and execution of actions based on evidence.

  • Contribute, based on data analysis, to our clients achieving operational improvements, better customer experience and new business.

  • Enable data science platforms (people, systems, and processes) to make this practice part of our clients' organizations.

Our Values

  • Teamwork.  The use of data is only successful when effective, interdisciplinary teams work together and give data sense to transform it into insights and actionable information.

  • Satisfaction of our clients. We are a boutique agency that takes on challenging projects. We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and decision-making based on evidence. We share knowledge. We enable teams. We make long-term relationships.

  • Innovation. We look for unconventional solutions, explore frontiers, experiment, measure, and compare.

Sinnia, expertos en el análisis de datos de fuentes digitales

Our story

We are a group of mathematicians, engineers and data and social scientists who have been working in data processing and analysis since 1996.​

In 2010, we focused on taking advantage of the increase in public information offered by digital platforms to offer our clients intelligence that helps them achieve their business objectives.

We are pioneers in analyzing data from open sources, using public data from governments, censuses, financial entities, media and digital media.

Since 2014, we have been working to help our clients analyze data from digital marketing platforms to optimize their campaigns, budgets and achieve their brand awareness and sales objectives

Among our clients are 30 of the most important companies in Mexico in the Financial, Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment and Consumer sectors..

Marketing. We have participated in hundreds of campaigns measuring, analyzing and offering insights that allow action to achieve the campaign objectives. We collaborate with our clients and their agencies to measure and improve campaigns. The campaigns we have participated in have won Effie and IAB awards.

E-commerce.  We have collaborated with insurance, entertainment and education companies, integrating data from different sources, from digital media campaigns - tracing leads through the funnel - to online and offline sales. Based on enriching, measuring and analyzing data, we obtain actionable insights that allow decision-making to achieve sales objectives.

Data-driven organization. Based on an assessment that we carry out to our clients of the data assets and their infrastructure, the use cases of the data and the business objectives, we design and implement the integration of the company's operational data in a "data lake", we design and develop various data products to satisfy use cases throughout the company, we establish procedures and train multiple teams in the use and governance of data.

Expertos en Análisis de datos para marketing, e-commerce y fuentes abiertas

Our experience

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