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Open Source Intelligence

Methodically and consistently use data from public sources to obtain intelligence to help you achieve your goals

Millions of public data records are available to help you understand and take action to improve communication and perception about your company, customer service, and how audiences consume your content.
We create data-driven products from open sources and proprietary data:

  • Government data (INEGI, INE, Federal and Local Governments)

  • Digital Media Data (Portals, Digital Media, Blogs, Public Social Media Data)

  • Proprietary data: Customer service, CRMs, and communication campaigns, among others.

Customer Service

Voice of Customer Analytics
Get actionable intelligence to understand customer opinions and improve digital communication with them.

Customer Service Analytics
Actions to measure and improve customer service through digital media.

Corporate Affairs & Social License

Corporate Affairs

Get actionable intelligence from open sources on topics relevant to your corporation.

Social License Analytics

Understand and improve your corporation's impact and social perception with actionable intelligence from open sources.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications
Intelligence, actions and decisions that help communicate better in digital media.

Crisis Prevention & Management
Actions that make it possible to foresee, control and mitigate crises in digital media.

Media & Content

Social Media Content Analytics
Intelligence and actions to improve performance and monetize content.

Traffic Acquisition Insights

Get intelligence and actions to drive traffic to the content of your web pages and apps and monetize ad spaces on them.

Open Source Data Products

Ad-hoc Open Source Data products
Design and development of products based on open data to solve problems and achieve business objectives.

Abstract Waves

We offer the most comprehensive open-source database in Mexico and the data team that will help your organization find the insights it needs to bring its communication to the next level.

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