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Data & Analytics Consulting

Achieve your business objectives and take them to the next level by implementing practices and processes for the systematic use of data in your organization

We offer our experience in the design and implementation of data-based solutions, from the definition of business perspective use cases and the design and development of data products to implement practices and processes in the organization that allow you to take advantage of the data generated across the organization and enrich it with data from open sources.


  • Business Understanding

  • Use cases

  • Data sources

  • Data assets

Analytics, Data Science

  • Descriptive statistics

  • Multivariate analysis

  • Regressions, Segmentations

  • Time series

  • Network analysis

  • Long Language Models

  • Experiment design

Data management

  • Management strategy

  • Governance

  • Quality

  • Data Operation

Data Products

  • Business Intelligence

  • APIs

  • Web Services

  • Reports and presentations

Data engineering

  • Infrastructure

  • Ingestion Processes

  • Processing and persistence

  • Accessibility

Talent incubator

  • Technical training

  • Operational Training

  • Executive training

  • Talent evaluation

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