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Data Driven Marketing

Take your online campaigns and sales to the next level by making data-driven decisions

Let us be your data and intelligence team, integrating, measuring, analyzing and obtaining intelligence from the data of your campaigns and audiences.

Data sources integration

We integrate data from multiple sources to measure actions and identify audiences, content and campaign features. 

  • Social media, marketing platforms, CRMs.

  • Open sources: Inegi, Government data, INE, among others.

  • Third-party data: Google APIs, Surveys, Market Studies, and others. 

Analytics, Data science, ML, AI

We enrich, relate, classify, and analyze data and information using modern data science techniques to obtain actionable insights using, among other methods, descriptive statistics, multivariate analysis, regressions, segmentations, time series, network analysis, large language models, and experiment design.

data products, prescriptions

Design and develop ad hoc data products that reveal the whats and whys to predict, prescribe and support decisions and actions.

  • Interactive dashboards to track campaigns and explore data and information.

  • Analysis reports on campaigns, audiences, content, and budgets.

  • Alerts to perform with opportunity.

Abstract Wavy Lines

We are a team of experts in data integration and analysis who, with defined processes, show results, find insights and propose improvement actions with your team and marketing agency to achieve your objectives.

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